Crafted by Executive Chef Aaron Foster, Cook & Brew's menus promise a mix of Asian classics and international favorites. Accompanied by its extensive list of 112 craft beers, wines and cocktails, the gastro-bar is perfect for after-work tipple or to indulge in a full meal after a long day at work. To top it all off, Cook & Brew boasts stunning views of the Marina Bay area from 33 floors up, guaranteed to make your dining experience unlike any other. 

Pad Thai Fries

Packs a punch with a delightful combination of sweet potato fries tossed in a heady mix of pad thai sauce and freshly squeezed lime, together with chicken, prawns, crushed peanuts and dried sakura shrimp.

Hawker Burger

Well-marinated char siew-style pork jowl that is sweet, slightly moist on the inside and charred on the outside, crispy pork belly, served atop a juicy beef patty, served with sambal mayonnaise, sliced green pickled chilies, and fries tossed in chili.

Korean Beef Carpaccio

Savor the robust flavors of thinly sliced USDA beef slices quilted with gochujang, cucumber kimchi and tornado potato skewers.

Cook & Brew's Cassoulet

Dig in to the satisfying combination of foie gras, and housemade duck & foie gras sausage, paired with the fullness of lamb shank confit for a hearty meal.

Slow-roasted Canadian Pork Chop

A classic turned gastronomic feast showcasing a 500g maple beer-glazed ham hock, white beans and charred Brussel sprouts

Lobster & Foie Gras Roll

Foie gras atop chunks of juicy Canadian lobster meat in tasty buttered brioche